about me

I'm a software engineer at Missouri Farm Bureau with a passion for programming. I taught myself how to write C++ at age 11 and have since continued to work on projects that challenge me to improve. I have made over a dozen games, implementing a wide variety of gameplay, while working with a variety of differently sized teams. Through making games I have: won a ticket to showcase a game at GDC, won game jams, and seen my work featured on Markiplier's Youtube channel, PCGamer, and RockPaperShotgun.

selected projects


Opal is a game engine that I have been developing since February of 2020.

All of the code is written in C++. I originally wrote the renderer in OpenGL, but recently started the switch to Vulkan both to learn a new skill and to be able to support as many platforms as possible.

I built a small survival mystery game with it called Snowbound, which you can read more about on the projects page.

I am currently working on a new project in Opal that I should announce soonish.

I am also building a new version of my game Retrostasis in this engine and it has come along nicely. For more details on what I have implemented go to the projects page and check out 'Opal', 'Snowbound', and 'Ichor'.

Team Size: Solo

Role: Sole developer

Duration: February 2020 - present


Narative adventure game developed in two weeks for Adventure Jam 2016 by Josh O'Caoimh and me.

I did the programming, including custom shaders, and a menu that could display the player's progress through a graph of memories.

"...sometimes a feeling, a mood, a suggestion of a narrative is enough" - PCGamer

"...it all comes together in some sense through the multiple viewpoints you inhabit, building a small-scale tale of loss" - RockPaperShotgun

"An enjoyable experience that delivers a powerful narrative throughout it’s short, wordless playtime." - Alpha Beta Gamer

Team Size: 2

Roles: Programmer, Designer

Duration: 2 weeks

Engine: Unity

Links: Markiplier's playthrough | Itch.io


An exploration game about growing up. I took inspiration from games like Journey and Flower to make a game that could transport people into another world.

I wrote all of the code for Eighteen which involved an event-driven interaction system, as well as a dynamic day/night/weather cycle. I made models and materials for the game with Blender and Maya, and worked with a musician friend to develop a dynamic system for layering chords on top of the background music as the game progressed.

Team Size: 2

Role: Programmer, Artist, Designer

Duration: Dec. 2014 - Nov. 2016

Engine: Unity


A 2D puzzle platformer where players must conserve energy and remember how to get back to their friend.

I made the original prototype of Retrostasis solo in 72 hours for Gamejolt's GDC jam. Afterwards I developed the game further with a team of 4 over the course of a summer.

I wrote a custom SAT collision detection and resolution algorithm, and modified an existing ray-casting based 2D lighting system to include efficient collision detection.

- One of 5 winners out of 120 entries in GDC jam 2016.

- Showcased at Gamejolt's GDC booth in 2016.

- 2016 Jolties nominee.

- Featured on Gamejolt's front page.

Team Size: 4

Role: Programmer, Designer, Artist

Duration: 4 months

Engine: Unity