about me

I'm a software engineer at Missouri Farm Bureau with a passion for programming. I taught myself how to write C++ at age 11 and have since continued to work on projects that challenge me to improve. I have made over a dozen games, implementing a wide variety of gameplay, while working with a variety of differently sized teams. Through making games I have: won a ticket to showcase a game at GDC, won game jams, and seen my work featured on Markiplier's Youtube channel, PCGamer, and RockPaperShotgun.

selected projects

Of Moons and Mania

  • An autobiographical game about mental health.
  • Made in my own game engine, Opal.
  • Made my own dialogue/story editor web app, Anchor, in C# using Blazor.
  • Designed and implemented a unique visual novel system where players build their own responses.
  • Created a custom line drawing tool to make drawings for the game.


  • My own game engine written in C++.
  • Vulkan renderer.
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and iOS.
  • Features include: Font rendering, audio playback, batched sprites, Entity/Component/Scene Serialization using XML, Post Processing, Render-to-Texture, and more!
  • Have implemeneted the following prototypes: 2D platformer, a top down 2D exploration game, a simple drawing tool, and a unique visual novel system.


  • Narative adventure game developed in two weeks for Adventure Jam 2016 by Josh O'Caoimh and me.
  • Markiplier made a video about the game, and said "that was fascinating".
  • I developed gameplay and shaders in Unity/C#/GLSL.
  • I also collaborated on concept and writing.


  • 3D Exploration game that I made in early College.
  • Game developed in Unity with C#/GLSL.
  • I implemented a weather system and day/night cycle.
  • Wrote custom shaders for environmental effects.
  • I also did all the art for this game.


  • 2D puzzle platformer made in 72 hours for Gamejolt's GDC game jam.
  • Won 4th place out of 120+ games, meaning I got to show the game at Gamejolt's GDC booth.
  • Post game jam, I wrote my own platformer controller including custom separating axis collision resolution code.
  • Made in Unity with C#
  • I also did all of the art and animation.